Upcoming Figure Skating Events

Mai 2017: Frühjahrscamp mit Alexej Urmanov 2017

Juli 2017: Summer of Campions mit Andras Szaraz



Events of the past:

28th of April 2016 until 31st of August 2016:

Spring and Summer Figure Skating summer schools

(skaters & coaches are welcome)



Skate Austria Workshop 2016, 17th - 21st of June 2016

1st of July until 31st of July Summer Camp with Andraz Szaraz

27.12.-30.12.2015: Skateaustria Workshop



TEV Kadertraining & Int. Children's Games 2016 Innsbruck Kickoff Training des Tiroler Eislaufverbandes

Summercamp of Mr Andraz Szaraz 2015

Skater Austria Workshop 2015

Workshops of Tyrolean Skating Association

and many more