Daily Patch-sessions between 8am and 6pm.
(50min - sessions available for just €10,10; special prizes for long term guests and groups.)
ICESPORT ARENA TELFS is a figure-skating icearena in Telfs that serves daily figureskating patch ice.
Guest coaches and their skaters are welcome.
No pre-entry necessarily but helpful to check availability.
The figureskating sessions where created for FS-Clubs Skaters and Coaches, to hold there Spring, Summercamps or winterpractice sessions in a modern indoor ice rink in Telfs.
Telfs in Tyrol is just 15 minutes west of the olymic city of Innsbruck in the heart of the Austrian alps. (If needed coaches are available at the rink.) The operator I.C.E ICE Sportstätten Betriebs GmbH runs the indoor arena
every year from 1st of May until 28th of February.
Daily figure skating between 8am and 6pm.
(for details look at the FS Skating schedules.) 
Iceart as an agency partner is taking care of figure skating request and overviews the figureskating schedules together with the operator and the Tyrolean skating federation. 
For permanent coaching licences please contact the tyrolean skating federation at
Coaches who are not licened by the tyrolean federation who use the IceSportArena with their skaters, who are not members of the tyrolean federations are welcome. Special conditions for coaches with groups of more than 5 skaters.
Senior/Junior Skaters: in Jun/Sen Sessions only Skaters aged >15 and Skaters who participated in ISU international Competitions in previous Season are allowed to skate. Non ISU Junior/Senior Skaters aged >15 are allowed to skate in Novice and Youngsters sessions only.

updated rules & terms of figure skating practice 2016:

All skating sessions run for 50 minutes.

The operator of the rink guarantees at least 8 figure skating sessions a day between 8am and 6pm.

The sessions will be grouped into the following classes:

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Novice
  • Youngster
  • Adult
  • ID = IceDance
  • EK offen (all incl. Adult)
  • SEN: ISU Senior Skaters only                                         JUN/SEN:ISUSenior/Junior skaters only >15                  AD NOV: advanced Novice skaters only (>13) NOVICE: Basic Novice/Advanced Novice (>10) YOUNGSTERS=ALL OTHER SKATERS: (skaters (<10)
  • ADULT: adult Skaters 

"EK Offen": all figure skaters are allowed to skate. (no Hockey)

 "Youngster" sessions are open for hobby skaters if space is available and the hobby skater accepts the rules of figure skating practise. (no Hockey and no ice stock sports allowed, no eating, no skreaming, no playing on the ice, all users have du behave well and respect better skaters)

"Youngster" all skaters (no Adults, no ice dance)

 "Youngsters + ID": sessions for ALL including ICEDANCE.


"Novice" all basic novice and Advanced Novice skaters.

Due to the level of skating and the entries we might also split the Novice sessions some times into 


-"Novice" (basic Novice + Advanced Novice) or

-"ad.Nov." (advanced Novice) only.

-"intermediate Novice" (interm. Novice /(and ad.Novice only)

-"basic novice"


"Junior": Skaters competing ISU Junior level agelimit <15. (Junior B skaters (ÖWO-skate Austria) are not allowed to skate in Junior sessions, except the session is marked as JuniorB session.


"Senior": ISU Senior Competitor Skaters only.


"Adult": Adult skaters

Adult skaters are allowed to skate in all sessions marked as ADULT and Adults are also allowed to skate in all Sessions marked as "EK offen".


"Professional&Recreational": Skaters aged >18, working as coaches/coach-education and skaters who are employed as skaters in Ice-Show-Business. 


Professional/Recreational skaters are allowed to skate in all sessions marked as Professional/Recreational as well as they are allowed to skate in all "EK offen" sessions.


Youngsters: Skaters <10 or skaters authorized by TEV-Youngsters-Lizenz are allowed to skate in all Youngsters and in all "EK offen" sessions.


Novice: Novice skaters 10-15 or skaters authorized by TEV-Novice-Lizenz are allowed to skate in all Novice (basic Novice / Intermediate and advanced Novice) sessions, in all Youngsters sessions and in all "EK-Offen" sessions.


Junior: Junior skaters >15+ISU junior Competitors; Junior A (ÖWO-Skate Austria) are allowed to skate in all sessions except Senior sessions.

Senior: Senior skaters >18+ISU competitors, are allowed to skating in all sessions.


In sessions marked as "ad.Nov+Jun/Sen" only advanced Novice, Junior and Senior skaters are allowed to skate. In these sessions no basic Novice skaters are allowd to practice.

In "Sen" (Senior) sessions, only Senior skaters are allowed to practice.


Icedance: is allowed in as Icedance (ID) marked sessions as well as Icedance is allowed in all "EK-Offen" sessions.


Before entering the ice every skater has to sign in an entrylist of the operator. Skaters of higher classes are allowed to skate in lower classes. Skaters of lower classes are not allowed to skate in higher classes.




The following rules have to be accepted:

- the rules of the tyrolean skating federation

- higher level skaters do have priority

- skaters going through programs do have priority

- no Hockey and no ice stock sports allowed

- no eating, no skreaming, no playing on the ice

- behave well 

- respect other and especially better skaters

- ice dance is only allowed in Youngsters sessions and only after online-reservation.

-pair skating is only allowed in special sessions "pairs" and only after online-reservation.


use of music:

- higher level skaters do have priority

- skaters working with coaches or choreographers do have priority

- if more coaches need the music they have to rotate skater by skater

- skaters who compete in ISU Competitions are in priority



- coaches have to spread a positive atmosphere

- coaches have to behave figure according to ISU code of ethics

- coaches should stay on the barrier in heavily used sessions

- coaches have to make sure that they do not desturbe skaters

- coaches are not allowed to teach more than 4 skaters (as a Group lesson) except special permitting by ICEART or private booked sessions


- coaches who are supposed to teach skaters of members of the Clubs of the Tyrolean Skating Federations have to get a licence according to the rules of the Tyrolean Skating Federation (TEV) further informations: 


If too many skaters are on the same session, the lower level skaters have to leave the session and can enter a later upcomming session, with free-practice places.


Futher Informations for figureskating: ICEART


Cellphone: +436765343759

Iceart is just an agency for figureskating sessions. For all bookings and payments the owner icesportarena is responsible. For details follow the link below.