Preise & RESERVIERUNG / Booking

ICEART and the operator of the rink released the offers for figureskating according to the requirements of the coaches & skaters.

We are proud to make skating more simple in Ice Sport Arena Telfs. All brandnew packages are valid for 3 month beginning with the first practice of the skater.

Patches / Patch-Abo's prizes: ab 1.5.2022

single Patch per skater € 10,10
10-package per skater € 90,00 - (je 10er Block) (10x50min) (1 Patch= €9)
18-package per skater € 153,00 - (je 18er Block) (18x50min) (1 Patch= €8.50)
36-package per skater € 286,00 - (je 36er Block) (36x50min) (1 Patch= €7,90)
54-package per skater € 405,00 - (je 54er Block) (54x50min) (1 Patch= €7,50)
81-package per skater € 567,00 - (je 81er Block) (81x50min) (1 Patch= €7,00)


Exklusive Einheiten (Club-Mannschaftsstunden):

50 Minuten EUR 183,00

80 Minuten EUR 270,00

100 Minuten EUR 331,00

150 Minuten EUR 417,00

Nachfolgend die aktuellen Preislisten des Hallenbetreibers:

Bei Abweichungen zwischen obigen Angaben und den Angaben des Hallenbetreibers, gelten die Angaben des Hallenbetreibers!

Preisliste ab 1.Mai 2022 Sommer.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 214.2 KB
Preisliste ab 1.Mai 2022 Winter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 214.2 KB

Make sure to get your practice spots and pre-enter your times. Just inform us before you arrive and if you want to stay long term or with larger groups send us the fullfilled booking form.

Online RESERVIERUNG / booking:

Online booking: just fullfill the form and send it to us. we will answer soon.

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.