Preise & RESERVIERUNG / Booking

ICEART and the operator of the rink released the offers for figureskating according to the requirements of the coaches & skaters.

We are proud to make skating more simple in Ice Sport Arena Telfs. All brandnew packages are valid for 3 month beginning with the first practice of the skater.

Patches / Patch-Abo's prizes: ab 1.5.2022

single Patch per skater € 11,20
10-package per skater € 99,00 - (je 10er Block) (10x50min) (1 Patch= €9,90)
18-package per skater € 169,00 - (je 18er Block) (18x50min) (1 Patch= €9,30)
36-package per skater € 316,00 - (je 36er Block) (36x50min) (1 Patch= €8,77)
54-package per skater € 446,00 - (je 54er Block) (54x50min) (1 Patch= €8,26)
81-package per skater € 625,00 - (je 81er Block) (81x50min) (1 Patch= €7,71)


Exklusive Einheiten (Club-Mannschaftsstunden): auf Anfrage

50 Minuten EUR 

80 Minuten EUR 

100 Minuten EUR 

150 Minuten EUR 

Nachfolgend die aktuellen Preislisten des Hallenbetreibers:

Bei Abweichungen zwischen obigen Angaben und den Angaben des Hallenbetreibers, gelten die Angaben des Hallenbetreibers!

Make sure to get your practice spots and pre-enter your times. Just inform us before you arrive and if you want to stay long term or with larger groups send us the fullfilled booking form.

Online RESERVIERUNG / booking:

Online booking: just fullfill the form and send it to us. we will answer soon.

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.